Philip A. Cannon II

I grew up in Sussex County Delaware. Most of my ancestors were farmers, although a couple were builders and one was a blacksmith. I learned carpentry and house wiring working part time while in high school. Starting at the age of 7 with the help of my father, Norman H. Cannon, I tended a nursery of shade trees throughout my school years.

After serving 8 years with the US Navy, I attended the Illinois Institute of Technology obtaining a Electrical Engineering degree. My career has focused on the development and the use of fast computers for scientific computation and medical imaging. Currently I work with applying imaging technologies to improve document management processes. I also am developing display tools for a 3d non contacting imaging camera.

Collecting tools became an interest while in the Navy. Rulers and measuring devices are my main interest. Other interests include the history of technology, science and mathematics. Over the years I have developed some ability to do woodworking, housebuilding, and smithing. I am at home with a steam engine and saw mill as well.

I joined Early American Industries Association in 1983 and have attended most meetings. I am a life member of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association. The re-publication of catalogs and other items by these organizations has been of extraordinary value to me. The reprints, research reports, and the regularly published journals from these organizations have played an important role in my study of tools. It is my vision to further this "publishing of knowledge" by applying new technologies. Low cost printing technologies have enabled fellow collectors to have personal access to these books through the reprints; the potential offered by on-line access to this knowledge is awesome.

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